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The Counterrevolutionary and Royal Army of America – An Introduction to the Counterrevolution is now available on Kindle for only $0.99. I wanted to make it free; however, Amazon insisted on a minimum price of $0.99.

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This book was published several years ago. I took it out of publication over a year ago since the contents herein are found in my more comprehensive book, Le Royaume. However, the book sold a number of copies on Kindle, and I have been asked about it. So, I decided to re-publish as its own little booklet.

Small booklet. Quick read.

You may obtain a free e-copy through Smashwords. 

Spread to all who might be interested!

God bless, and may the Virgin Mary with Ste. Jehanne and Ste. Thérèse pray for you always.


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Public service announcement on which Monarchies the CRAA supports


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As the founder and site administrator for the Counterrevolutionary and Royal Army of America (CRAA), I would like to make the following public service announcement regarding my position on the current situation for Catholic Monarchies in general, the situation in Spain, and the situation in France.

Catholic Monarchies are hardly flourishing these days. Where we do see Catholic Monarchies, they are paled in comparison to the Form and Model of their ancient predecessors in Christendom (though, lets’ not get carried away, either, with romantic notions of how perfect those Monarchies were). For example, we see abortion introduced in “Catholic” Monarchical states such as Spain, which is scandalous to the Monarchy and the Faith. We see euthanasia in a “Catholic” Monarchy (sort of) such as Belgium, which is scandalous to the Monarchy and the Faith. We also note that most of these are constitutional, parliamentary Monarchies which ultimately are grounded in revolutionary notions of authority coming “from the People.”

It’s not a perfect world out there.


Anyone who reads through my material on the Catholic Monarchy will note that I write on the Form by which we should restore (or establish in the case of America) Monarchies and by which we should push the existing Monarchies. I am, at heart, a French Légitimiste and a Spanish Carlist. However, we have to take what we can get as far as this is possible, and, as good citizens of the Kingdoms, demand that our royalty uphold Catholic positions. Our job is to make our Kings and Queens into good, Catholic Kings and Queens, ultimately with the help of Rome.

Le Royaume truth beauty goodness

I would rather see a troubled, Catholic/confused nominal Monarchy from which we can begin our work (ala Spain) over a republic which is openly the enemy of the Catholic Church (ala Spain and France). A “bad” Monarchy in Spain is better than a “good” republic any day. We can work on the Monarchy. We only can be at war with the republic. Therefore I will support Felipe and Letizia as the new King and Queen of Spain. Ok, they were installed in a secular ceremony. What would we expect? Of course, they should be installed through the Church; they should immediately outlaw abortion…etc. That is not going to happen anytime soon.

What is our alternative – the republic?

Regarding France, I have always said that we must be Légitimiste. The Orléans and Bonaparte factions are revolutionary. In France we must not celebrate Louis Philippe (the Orléanist) who escaped the guillotine by betraying Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette; we must celebrate the memory of Louis XVI, Marie-Antoinette, and the ancien régime in general.


But what would we do if the Monarchy in France were restored under Orléans rather than Bourbon? Continue with the république as our alternative? It is likely that, unsavory as it would be, we would work with what we have been handed.

I take what I consider to be a pragmatic approach. Start with the material you have and pray, sacrifice, and do penance to help bring that Monarchy to its proper Form as a true Catholic Monarchy. That is our duty. We do not betray the counterrevolution when we support Monarchies that are suffering under revolutionary constitutions. Monarchies are by nature counterrevolutionary. They are struggling in a revolutionized political and cultural landscape. Pray and do penance for the Monarchies.

The république is not an option.

Vive le Roi!


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The Dove and Rose (St. Joan and St. Thérèse) Trailer – New!

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Counterrevolutionary and Royal Army of America – Membership Drive for 2016

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Le Royaume Book Trailer – “To Jesus through Mary in the friendship and sisterly care of St. Joan and St. Thérèse!”

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Le Royaume’s Model for Traditional French Catholicism in light of the Revolution at work in the Church

Le Royaume

For those inspired by Traditional French Catholicism and the Renaissance of Catholic France, we note at least two models. No doubt there are many more, as the French Catholic tradition (small “t”) is as deep, profound, and robust as any tradition in the world. The Franks entered the Catholic scene in a formal and regal manner with the baptism of Clovis in 496 AD. Until the execution of King Louis XVI by the révolutionnaires in the 18th century, France had Catholic Kings and was considered the “Eldest Daughter of the Church.” (She still is considered so – though the Monarchy is now in exile under the secular république.) A lot happened over 13 centuries. Thus, it is not easy to speak of Traditional French Catholicism in such simple terms as one or two “models.”

CRAA website

Still, it might help to make at least a high level attempt for the purpose of clarifying our position to those interested in Le Royaume. The two models share much in common and appear very similar on the surface. Each model’s aim is generally congruent with the other. Each one seeks the restoration of Catholic France and Catholic culture in general throughout the West. Each seeks the restoration of Christendom. Each seeks the restoration of the ancien régime through the French Monarchy as represented by the légitmiste House of Bourbon. Each understands the key issue behind the problems in the Church and, therefore, in society at large as being that of Révolution and Contre-révolution – revolution and counterrevolution. In fact, one of the great blessings that Traditional French Catholicism brings to the table is the power of understanding revolution and counterrevolution as the dynamic forces at play in the Church and the world and which terms most accurately describe the drama of the battle between the two apocalyptic players on the world stage, Christ and anti-Christ. The “liberal or conservative” paradigm is insufficient for the battle ahead of us. We must understand the paradigm of revolution (Anti-Christ with the secular world as his body and bride) and counterrevolution (Christ with His Church as His Body and Bride). Both Traditional French Catholic models excel at bringing this out. Despite these similarities; however, there are crucial differences.

France Catholique verite beaute bonteThe first model carries the banner under the SSPX. This speaks for itself, and the SSPX can speak for themselves. As I am not SSPX, I will not try to explain their position for them. I am attempting to clarify my own, and that of Le Royaume.

The second, and our model, that of Le Royaume, carries the same banner but under the influence of Abbé Georges de Nantes. Note that as our first obligation is to obedience to Our Holy Father the Pope and the Magesterium of the Church, we do not rely on any one person, such as the Abbé, to develop our position. We do not find him to be without controversy nor do we endorse everything his movement promulgates. We rely on Holy Mother Church. I know that in developing Le Royaume, I did so completely outside of the influence of either the SSPX or the Abbé. I simply studied Catholicism through the teaching authority of the Church in her Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scriptures, along with a good reading of Catholic history. I was astonished, after a few years of developing on my own the majority of my thinking regarding Le Royaume, to discover that the Abbé ever existed. I read his 150 points of the Phalange, which did help to refine my thinking, particularly on the potential structure of a Catholic Monarchy and on how we should deal with the modern day revolutionary crisis in the Church.

Divine Right Monarchy.jpg

Abbé Georges de Nantes was critical of the Second Vatican Council. He was very critical of Pope Paul VI. However, he refused to deny that Paul VI was the legitimate Pope and went so far as to demand that every priest in his movement sign a document recognizing Paul VI as their legitimate Pontiff, despite their differences. His biggest failing, perhaps, was that the Vatican found it necessary to chastise him for his very public criticism of the Pope. Abbé’s writings against the Second Vatican Council were never condemned by the Church, even though they were received and studied at the Vatican. He never was considered heterodox, heretical, or schismatic – just a bit, well, “rude” perhaps. And we do not want to be rude to the Pontiff, who is the Vicar of Christ on earth. As I mentioned above, Le Royaume is influenced by Abbé, but we follow the Church and the example of the saints.

Still, despite his fiery approach on the whole matter, he insisted on humble obedience to the Church and to the Holy Father our Pope. He insisted that the “New Mass” (Novus Ordo) was legitimate, even if we did not like it. He new that we must, as counterrevolutionaries, fight the revolution both inside and outside the Church; yet, he also insisted that we will find our peace (and hopefully our salvation) by being obedient to the Church and humble in our acceptance of her teachings. As Christ rewards the virtues of humility and obedience, we are undefeatable through them. We will find peace by resisting the revolution while at the same time surrendering in humility and obedience to the Church as has always been the path of salvation throughout the centuries.

Jeanne d'Arc

These attitudes impacted the final development of Le Royaume. We are counterrevolutionaries; yet, we do not attempt to defend the Kingdom by abandoning her; we defend the Kingdom by staying inside her gates to fight.

We find peace in such troubled times through humility and obedience to our Church hierarchy. Christ has promised that He will never abandon His Church; therefore, neither must we abandon her. Our Bishops and our Holy Father need us, and we must not fail to help them through our prayers and penances. Jesus Christ conferred grace on the hierarchy through the sacrament of Holy Orders. He will be faithful even if the recipient of that sacrament is not faithful. Christ will not be defeated, and we are assured of this through the teaching authority of His Church in both Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture.

Our glory is to fight at the side of Jesus Christ with His Holy Mother, Mary, and all the saints that the Kingdom of God will come “on earth as it is in Heaven.”


Jehanne and Therese

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The Heart and Spiritual Blood of Le Royaume – “To Jesus through Mary in the friendship and sisterly care of Sts. Joan and Thérèse”!


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The image below reflects the spiritual heart of Le Royaume. As Le Royaume is a reflection of the Kingdom of God, and as the Kingdom of God resides in our hearts, Le Royaume therefore resides in our hearts. It is here, in our hearts, where Christ rules through his three-fold office: Teacher, Ruler, and Eternal High Priest. “I am the Way (Ruler and Law Giver), The Truth (Teacher and Prophet), and the Life (Eternal High Priest).” Flowing from our hearts, the Kingdom is established “on earth as it is in Heaven” through our actions and influence in the temporal world.

Note that the representation of the spiritual heart below reflects Christ’s three-fold office as referenced above, the Classifications of Grace, and the hierarchy of Causes of Grace, as well as the three programs driving Le Royaume’s Vision: Seek the Kingdom, Love the Kingdom, Defend the Kingdom.

The Causes of Grace are represented from the outside in, with the fourth and third Efficient Instrumental Causes represented by the specific nature of Le Royaume as spiritually Thérèsian, Jehannian, and Traditionally French; the second Efficient Instrumental Cause represented by True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary as Mediatrix of All Grace; and the principle Efficient Instrumental Cause represented by Jesus Christ through His Sacrament of the Most Holy Eucharist.

The Classifications of Grace are shown as operative by the Holy Spirit and flowing from the infinite merits of Jesus Christ in His three-fold office of Teacher, Ruler, and High Priest through the intercession of our saintly sisters and our Holy Mother Mary. Sanctifying Grace of the fifth division is shown by its nature as habitual and thus always present. The Actual Grace of the fifth division is shown in order of its further classification in the sixth division and by its operation in our hearts: 1) Enlightenment and Inspiration; 2) Antecedent and Consequent; 3) Sufficient and Efficacious.

The outcome toward which our hearts yearn and the Final Cause toward which this spiritual life-blood moves us is Love and the Glory of God, and represented as a life of Sacrifice in imitation of, and in union with, Our Eternal High Priest. The Redemptive nature of Christ’s work in co-operation with our freewill is the ever-present Cross and redemptive suffering.

The model reflects the continuous, rhythmic, spiritual heartbeat of our souls as we abide in Le Royaume and the flow of spiritual blood which is inflamed in Faith, Hope, and Love by the Holy Spirit and which blood unites us in heart, mind, and soul with the Kingdom of Heaven, our spiritual sisters Ste. Jehanne and Ste. Thérèse, our most Holy and Immaculate Mother Mary, and the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ Who is the only Savior of the Human Race.

The model reflects our Vision and Mission in Le Royaume.

Finally, the model reflects the deeper meaning of our consecration to Sts. Joan and Thérèse which says, in part:

We, without merit and only by the grace of Almighty God, share your (St. Joan of Arc and St. Thérèse) spiritual blood through the fire of the most Holy Spirit, that Holy Fire that arced through time and space to light our souls in Christ, to our unspeakable joy, in kinship with you. 

“To Jesus through Mary in the friendship and sisterly care of Sts. Joan and Thérèse!”

The Heart and Spiritual Blood of Le Royaume

Just as our natural hearts beat and move the flow of blood in our bodies, so does the spiritual heart of Le Royaume move our spiritual blood in union with the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ through Mary’s Immaculate Heart and the saintly, sisterly hearts of Ste. Jehanne and Ste. Thérèse.“To Jesus through Mary in the friendship and sisterly care of Sts. Joan and Thérèse!” inflames our hearts in the Holy Spirit with Faith, Hope, and Love. “To Jesus through Mary in the friendship and sisterly care of Sts. Joan and Thérèse!” inflames our souls in the spiritual blood of kinship with St. Joan and St. Thérèse. “To Jesus through Mary in the friendship and sisterly care of Sts. Joan and Thérèse!” inflames our intellect with light and our will with desire that we might travel the Trail of the Dogmatic Creed with our saintly sisters to the center of the Immaculate Heart of Mary where Jesus Christ is enthroned in His glory.

The Heart of Le Royaume 5

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